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Thornliebank Cine Club was formed in 1961 originally meeting in Thorntree Hall. By 1968 it had become extremely popular within the community and a decision was taken to change its name to Thornliebank and Giffnock Cine Club to attract members from a wider area. This it succeeded to do and became responsible for almost all film activities  within the Eastwood District.

Members gave freely of their time and provided many shows of their work to Organisations and Churches.

In 1968 Eastwood District Council launched its first Eastwood Film Festival and the club attracted audiences of over 250 in Eastwood theatre. The formula was so successful that it was repeated in 1987 and 1989 and the club donated the proceeds to various charities in the area.

By 1988 the club had completed several film projects and decided to reflect all aspects of its work by becoming known as Thornliebank & Giffnock Moviemakers as by this time camcorders were beginning to become popular.

In 2004 the Club became the EAST RENFREWSHIRE CAMCORDER CLUB. In order to provide an excellent and up-to-date help and instruction service for our members, we were successful in 2005 in obtaining an "Awards for All" lottery grant to purchase, amongst other things, a laptop computer with editing software, a digital projector and a DV/DVD player. This allows us to use all the latest technology in our efforts to help and assist anyone interested in amateur moviemaking.

Rhuallan House Giffnock